Infrastructure Consulting means that we support companies in all stages of challenging IT projects. We help them to plan their infrastructure and to optimize it with lasting effect. Our aims are to reduce complexity, to minimize costs and to realize growth potential.

The core of excellent consulting is the person since consulting quality is always based on the consultants' experience and know-how. Theoretical knowledge is often not enough. Our Infrastructure Consulting team consists of professional consultants with every member having minimum 10 years' experience and a high level of education. They have a broad knowledge of planning, building and running complex IT infrastructures and support our experts in a far-sighted and competent manner. Their special know-how about specific topics allows them to always find a suitable solution for your plans.

Organisations are always struggling to manage their data infrastructure, but data infrastructure is the key to making crucial business winning decisions. If the decisions are made on incorrect or 'stale' data there's a good probability that the business decision will not bear fruit or could even lead to a financial loss or a damaged reputation.

Your IT infrastructure has to be well maintained, always available and fit for purpose – a stable platform which evolves and supports the business. But managing both infrastructure day-to-day and planning for the future can be tough to do especially if you don’t have dedicated IT staff, or your personnel are stretched on other projects or solving the urgent desktop issues of colleagues.

T-Comm Services infrastructure consultancy services help you address these conflicting demands by giving you access to a breadth of IT talent to bolster or create your own dedicated IT team.

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