Equipment Racks are known by several names including computer racks, server cabinets, 19" rack enclosures, network racks, and network equipment enclosures. Regardless of name, these rack enclosures are integral to the success of every organization because they provide the platform that houses the mission-critical equipment your business depends on. Selecting the right server cabinet will help effectively power, cool, and protect your equipment; keep your business running smoothly by reducing potential downtime; and make the management and organization of your datacenter more efficient. Here are five things to consider:

  • Server Cabinet Cooling: Fully Perforated Server Cabinets vs. Fully Sealed Server Enclosures
  • Server Cabinet Power
  • Select An Appropriately-Sized Server Cabinet
  • Physical Security Starts at the Server Cabinet
  • Tailor Your Server Cabinet Design To Work For You

Our Server Racks offer durable construction that ensures a stable platform for valuable network and server equipment. Our wide range of server racks includes unique wallmount and small form factor options, as well as full-sized heavy duty cabinets, ensuring you find the ideal solution for server room equipment storage.

Server racks form the backbone of the data center infrastructure. These general-purpose racks are used to house servers and other equipment with minimal cabling.

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