A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is a valuable tool and has been shown to act as a powerful deterrent to crime and unwanted behaviour.

The type of cameras you choose depends directly on your reason for surveillance. For deterrence, you'll want overt (visible) cameras to scare away would-be criminals. However, too covertly (secretly) monitor activity in your entity, you'll want hidden cameras.

T-Comm Services offer a wide range of standard, recognizable video cameras for every area of your entity. Whether indoor or outdoor, day or night, we have cameras to meet your every need. And because these cameras can be mounted prominently throughout the interior and exterior of your business, they are an excellent deterrent to crime.

Today's cameras can be programmed to deliver the images you want, when and where you want them. Many camera domes have built in units that pan, tilt, zoom, and focus via PC software. From any PC anywhere in the world you can aim any one of your cameras and zoom in to view a specific location.

Motion detection is another feature that can significantly reduce recording time and storage space. Simply stated, cameras equipped with motion sensors only record when motion is detected. After a short delay in activity, recording is suspended until activity is once again detected.

Whether it is a basic camera install or multiple cameras with DVR’s we can deliver the security solution that best fits your budget and needs.